Art Direction, Graphic Design, Package Design
2017 MarCom Platinum Award

Designed for Impact’s most elite clients, this once in a lifetime, all-inclusive getaway acted as both a vacation and a networking event in an unforgettable island paradise. Capped at a hundred participants, everything was planned for them, from their tee times to their craft cocktails and professional massages.

These individually, thoughtfully curated document boxes included everything participants needed to keep track of their schedules, before and during the event.

Designed with attention to every detail from the supple, soft-touch cardstock to visual elements highlighting the travertine marble and polished driftwood art pieces found in the Viceroy Anguilla hotel.

Collateral included luxurious display boxes; personalized luggage tags, airline tickets, itinerary, and room keys; breast pocket hotel and activity guide; maps; and more.

Impact Partnership

Additional Credit

Graphic Design — Kylie Daniel
Copywriting — Jacqueline Carr
Creative Direction — Christophe Laurenceau
Photography — Ian Flannery
Manufacturing — Taylor Box Company